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This web site is dedicated to the presentation of a spectacular Wyoming ranch that is for sale as unit or as smaller acreages within.

The Sundance Kid Ranch, synonymous with Houston Creek Ranch, is a year around private, secure, scenic and accessible recreational retreat, trophy game, livestock, and hay ranch high in the Black Hills and Bear Lodge Mountains of northeastern Wyoming.   This approximately 4500 deeded acre ranch is less than ten miles from Sundance Mountain and the town of Sundance Wyoming where the Sundance Kid, a minor, took this name in the 1890s when pardoned and released by the Wyoming Territorial Governor after arrest for stealing a horse.   Sundance Mountain was a special site for sacred Indian sun dances.   This ranch is eleven miles southeast of the Devils Tower - the first US national Monument, and eighteen miles southeast of the new jet-capable airport and Devils Tower Golf Club at Hulett Wyoming.

The ranch lands begin about eight miles southwest of the crest of Warren Peak, the source of headwaters for Houston Creek.   Warren Peak at 6656 feet of elevation is the highest point in the Wyoming Black Hills and Bear Lodge Mountains.   Houston Creek runs for about four miles north to south through the middle of the ranch.   There are springs, beaver dams and lakes, live water and the Macumba Dam and Lake covering about ten acres on Houston Creek.   There are wells with pumping systems, stock water dams and springs throughout the ranch, including on Little Houston Creek on the southeastern side of the ranch.   Elevations on the ranch range from about 4300 feet to 5000 feet above sea level.

The www.houstoncreekranch.com web site is intended to present a complete pictorial and narrative description of the ranch.   Available acreage will be reduced if tracts are sold.

Elaine and Bob Gose have for a lifetime owned and operated hands-on outstanding ranches in this immediate area involving the best of Wyoming Black Hills ranching and recreational properties.   Those operations were on a much larger scale than the present Sundance Kid Ranch.   As the Goses have moved in recent years toward semiretirement, they have reduced their ranching operations to the present Sundance Kid Ranch.   This ranch is made up of the best of properties from their overall holdings.   With excellent soils, plant life and water – and annual precipitation by the eighty five year formal average approaching twenty inches, this is the most effective livestock, hay, recreation and game habitat in the Black Hills and Bear Lodge Mountains.   Personal objectives and priorities lead Elaine and Bob to now be willing to share this special place with others who have the values and abilities to own all or a part of this ranch.

Elaine and Bob have configured the ranch for near term development and marketing to include a deeded acreage on the north end of the ranch retained and operated by the owners to serve as the Headquarters Unit.   The remaining acres will be sold preferably to a buyer as a unit, or to multiple buyers of tracts within the acreage that is for sale.   Buyers will have first right of refusal to buy the Headquarters Unit should the present owners ever consider selling that land and operation.   All tracts will be of sizeable acreages, with restrictions in place to assure that no tract can be divided into small parcels for high density developments.

Although each tract as shown on maps within the web site is a rational self contained parcel involving each of the desirable characteristics important to a homestead, these boundaries are initially negotiable with serious qualified buyers during the early marketing phase.

Surveyed and recorded legal access from nearby State Highway 14 on the north and from Interstate Highway 90 on the south fully meet legal requirements for the planned operations and developments.   These two accesses are not open to the public, assuring control of a “gated community” type of ambience for owners within the Sundance Kid Ranch.

The deeded Headquarters activity involves a full-time 24/7 operation with full capability and responsibility for defining and assuring protective covenants and conditions and security for the overall ranch in emergencies and from any problems such as fires, weather and intrusion.   The main road along Houston Creek north and south full length of the ranch is deeded with the Headquarters Unit, and will be improved and maintained year around, including for use throughout winter storms, emergencies, and in supporting other needs of owners.  

The Headquarters operation is responsible for management of the overall ranch, including security, maintenance, livestock operations, haying, timbering, and hunting until these responsibilities may be formally turned over by mutual consent to new owners.   Owners of acreages will have defined rights to participate in overall ranch operations as they may wish.

Pasture with Inyan Kara Mountain in background
One of many beaver ponds on Houston Creek
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Cattails along the edge of Macumba Lake
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Top breed quarter horses